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Serving Central and South West Florida with more than 20 years of experience!

When the owner and his wife moved to Florida, they were unhappy when they learned about the quality of water. He worked for two of the largest national water companies here in Florida for 12 years and managed those businesses before starting Custom H2O. He was responsible for buying equipment, and didn't like the narrow scope of products that were available to people. He wanted to be able to provide more custom treatment, hence the name Custom H2O! This is what inspired him to get started in the water business, to make a difference for Florida residents.


Most other water treatment companies know what they want to sell you before they arrive, which is why they have 2-hour presentations. We guarantee a quote in 20 minutes. We have a detailed conversation about what quality of water you would like to have in your home, and give you a quote based on that conversation with the priority of meeting your goals and needs.



Provide you with high quality water for your home

Serve you top quality equipment at reasonable pricesĀ 

Create a customer for life

Get a FREE evaluation of your water and a FREE quote on services!

We'll create the water you want!

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